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Correct Horsemanship

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Getting Started With Training After Rehabilitation

Patiently you have given your horse time to recover from an illness or injury. Then finally, after a control examination, the vet gives the green light for the rehabilitation phase. You are very happy – and very uncertain.

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ARR in Danish horse magazine Ridehesten

The very important Danish horse magazine Ridehesten has just published a big article on the ARR training method and the successful retraining of Danish warmblood stallion White Talisman.

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Uridelig af kissing spine

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Anatómiailag helyes lovaglás

Read the fourth part of the series of articles on ARR in the Hungarian horse magazine LOVAS ELET!

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Recurrent lameness and balance issues

Sally, Irish sports horse, 15 years

I have an Irish sports horse 15 years old mare called Sally who came from an equestrian yard. She had issues with lameness and was due to go to a blood bank before we rescued her. (...)

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Uridelig af kissing spine - som lyn fra en klar himmel

Hestemassør Charlotte Andersen oghendes DV hoppe Kanapé fra 2002 op-levede denne vinter et sandt mareridt. En januardag,da Charlotte kom ud tilsin hoppe,var den helt oppe at køre. Den var sur og kastede rundt med ho-vedet,og hun kunne dårligt få lov atrøre den.


Uridelig af kissing spine-som lyn fra en klar himmel (PDF | 697 KB)


Recent Clinic in the United States

I wanted to write and say how grateful I am for the opportunity to spend the
week at the clinic in NC recently! It was so enlightening.

My 4 year old, the enthusiastic one, really is changing every day! It has
been a real struggle trying to get him right and I am 100% confident that
this is the way to finally get him to his potential.

Both horses are right side dominant but earlier this week they both started
going way better to the right than the left. Christine Ridgeway said her
horses went through this too. It's terribly interesting.

I'll get some video of them working now and get it to you. I have some
questions but they are best asked when there is video to support them.

Thanks again,